Pruszyński - PD 510 N roofing panels

Pruszyński - PD 510 N roofing panels

manufacturer: Pruszyński

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Product description

Seam roof panels PD 510 N - seam roof panels. Sheets for so-called standing seams are one of the oldest technologies used in construction. Now we can offer a modern solution in the traditional shape of standing seam sheets known for years.

  • The panels are manufactured for any length depending on the client's needs.
  • The panels are connected with the latch without bending the seam.
  • Each panel has ready mounting holes for easy attachment to the structure.
  • The use of longitudinal profiling on panels is intended to reduce the possible surface waving due to thermal expansion of the material.
  • Machine-cut locks (optional for PD 510P-S, PD 510T-S and PD 510F-S panels) allow mounting on the starting strip.

Storage of panels

Packages should be stored in dry and ventilated rooms, without condensing moisture between sheets. Collective packaging should be placed on blocks about 20 cm high above the ground. If the panels are to be stored for more than 3 weeks from the date of production, they should be reviewed, and then relocate individual sheets with spacers to allow free air circulation. All information about the method and period of storage is placed directly on the protective film and product labels, as well as in our folders, assembly instructions and website.

Protective foil

To protect roof panels against mechanical damage, a protective film is used. It should be removed directly at the assembly stage and the sheets should be protected against moisture and sun during storage. Failure to comply with the above rules may lead to difficulties in removing the foil from the sheets and dirt from the adhesive.

Roof maintenance

Basically, the roofs with seam panels do not require any special maintenance. Nevertheless, regardless of the location of the building, to prevent any risk of premature aging, its wall and roof cladding must be regularly inspected and maintained at least once a year. The panels must be removed from the surface of the panels by rotting, causing discoloration of the organic coating of the metal sheet, as well as industrial sediments and dust (e.g. from lime plants, cement plants, steel mills and mines, etc.) which, when reacting with water, cause damage to the paint coating sheets. Any defects in the coating should be cleaned and painted over with special touch-up paints.

Final remarks

  1. For cutting sheet metal, use electric vibrating or stepping shears, niblers and hand shears. It is forbidden to use tools causing damage to the varnished and zinc coating during cutting as a result of heat release, i.e. angle grinders.
  2. You can walk on the roof only in shoes with soft soles, put your feet in the pits of waves in place of patches. Before starting to walk on the roof, all screws must be tightened.
  3. Minor damage to the coating during assembly can be painted with touch-up paint. The surface must be free of dirt and grease.
  4. The steel chips remaining after cutting and drilling must be removed with a soft brush as rusting causes damage to the sheet metal surface.
  5. Dirt that arises during the installer's work and during its operation should be removed using normal cleaning agents.
  6. It is unacceptable to use any flashings (including chimney caps, gutter spouts and etc.) from copper sheets on roofs and facades covered with galvanized or coated sheets.

Technical data

S 250 GD + Z 200 lub 275
poliester połysk, poliester mat, poliuretan
0,5 mm
0,7 mm
the height of the hem:
25 mm
The maximum length of a sheet:
7 m.
The minimum length of the sheet:
0,5 m.
usable width:
510 mm


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