Kerabit - Kerabit ridge belt

Kerabit - Kerabit ridge belt

manufacturer: Kerabit

Category: KERABIT - shingles, tar paper, roofing accessories

product #: 13795

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Product description

A belt fastened on the ridge lines (top of roof slopes), formed of shingles in the ridge, arranged one after the other, not one next to the other, as in roof shingles. The product is available in colors consistent with those adopted for the cover. It can be placed on roof shingles, reaching the ridge, directly or on ridge master plastic ridge ventilation. The package contains 15 linear meters of belt in one-meter sections. On each of the sections there are three "ridges, 0.33 m long. The content of the package is sufficient to cover the 11.2 m ridge (3.8 m is used for factories).

  • available colors: red, green, gray, brown, black, light gray / black, green / black, red / black, brown / black, grafiitti, copper / black - the color must be given in the comment to order.
  • packaging: 0.33x1 m = 11.2 m - 45 pieces,
  • packaging weight: 22.5 kg.

Technical data

Dimensions [m]:
0,275 x 10 m
number of rolls per pallet:
21 item
22,5 kg
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